ris Saint-Germain, because Paris is my city, and PS
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Many times, we have been talking for a long time, but I always want to be Paris Saint-Germain, because Paris is my city, and PSG is the Club of my heart, I've always dream of wearing on Paris Saint-Germain Jersey appearances, so I finally joined to win two League Championships, made me very proud. "Joined PSG from Rome, and then at the age of 27 to return to AC Milan in Serie a, Mei Neixin also played very well last season, has now scored 3 goals, including 2 kick, but are themselves created their own penalty almost as AC Milan's most important offensive player prior to the injury. And maybe by next January after Inzaghi's team also owns Manor, Chaaraoui, Suso, Keisuke Honda and several other wing players. ATK rather mediocre Empoli, AC Milan lost 2 goals in the first 20 minutes, the defense was disappointed. Behind 2 goals conceded is a figure, that's Daniele bonera. This is the Italy defender and a dire game. The Sky Sports News said: "if it weren't for bonera, AC Milan win
The ball. "La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper predicted before the madidas energy boost 2 atch AC Milan centre-back combination is Pascal Lamy and Zapata. But after ban bonera return, he has become a Filippo Inzaghi preferred, just people were puzzled. Want to know exactly what the League 2nd round, Danie adidas y-3    le mistakes plus a red card if AC Milan into a corner, after after 1 round, Daniele bonera and "shiny", with predictable results, 2 capsules of AC Milan conceded there is a direct relationship with him. AC Milan's first goal was a corner kick from the rossoneri's defense strategy is to man. A tight one, Daniele is responsible for marking the other central defender Salvatore Tonelli, he held up until the area from the left middle, but at the end of step 1, he was pulled away, and Salvatore Tonelli light headed, because the distance was too close to Abbiati could tell. In fact, Daniele bonera for reasons of age and injuries, marked declines in these years physical condition, some headers and qiangdian does not take any advantage, and he often missed and Salvatore Tonelli take off top, Daniele bonera had no
Rival confrontation and interference, see Salvatore Tonelli sent the ball into. Second goal with Daniele bonera cannot take off. The first 21 minutes, Empoli free kick through the penalty area, Tavano ready behind the ball in the penalty area, but it has not touched the ball, which swayed de Jong, but behind Daniele bonera was inexplicably with a shovel, but it never touched the ball, Miss out behind puxialeili, which is 9 meters easily broke. After conceding, de Jong was so angry that he howled loudly and Daniele bonera, saying something, that is not understood. In this way, the AC Milan in just 20 minutes as bonera errors ran into trouble early, dug a big hole for myself. Of the market game


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